About Lineup List

What is it?

Lineup List is a tool to auto-generate Spotify playlists based on festival lineups. It allows you to customize multiple options that result in a playlist that's unique to you. Things like the number of tracks per artist, how the tracks are chosen for each artist, and which specific artists are included allow you to tailor your playlist to your preference. The website is open source and available under the MIT license.

Why does it exist?

I'm the type of person that creates a playlist for each festival I go to so I can listen and discover new artists, or just get excited about those that I know well. It's a pain to manually search every artist on a lineup in Spotify, choose songs, and add them to a playlist. I built Lineup List to make this process much more painless, while also allow for more customization. By using things like the genre filtering, I can see which artists are more heavily skewed towards genres that I'm pretty sure I'm not planning on seeing at the upcoming festival, and deselect those artists. Previously, I would have added them, only to discover later that they weren't the type of music I was looking for, and then manually remove each of their songs from the playlist (usually from my phone, very annoying). Features like the "Recent setlists" track type also enable Lineup List to tailor playlists much closer to the actual songs the artist might be performing.

How do I use it?

Starting at the homepage, simply choose which festival you'd like to create a playlist for. Lineup List defaults to the most recent year supported, but you can use the year dropdown to select a past year if you're looking for some nostalgia. Next, use the Day and Genre filter options to adjust the strength of the artist names in the righthand column. Uncheck any artists you don't think align with your interests or who you know you can't/won't see. Finally, choose your playlist settings: how many songs you'd like each artist to have on the final playlist, and how those songs are retrieved. The three track-type options are:

If you want to change anything later, just re-run the process. If you haven't renamed the Spotify playlist it will create a new one from scratch and overwrite it. If you change the name of the generated playlist, Lineup Lists will generate an all-new one.

I still don't get it / something is broken / why doesn't it do X?

Please send me an email! I'm always looking for more feedback on what could be better or new features to implement. The logic used for connecting artists and songs across the different services and APIs used isn't perfect, so sometimes an artist might have some songs missing or there might be songs from a different, but similarly named, artist in your playlist. The more feedback I get with issues the better I can make Lineup List for you!